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Due West

The new podcast on Firefall Talk Radio, OverWatch, talked about the controversial new direction for Kanye West’s life and music. OverWatch 11172019 Religion – Due West Subscribe to Firefall Talk Radio to know when a new podcast has been scheduled … Continue reading

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February 17, 2012 – The song of your DNA

If you were present at the S-E-E Conference last year in Groton, CT you heard me teach on the DNA.  If you were not there or have not seen the video  go here (@ 16:58 the explanation of the design … Continue reading

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February 14, 2012 – Ritualistic Network Television

First it was Madonna’s 12:40 second Occult/Illuminati ritual during the Superbowl Half Time Show and then a week later we see another ritual performed on Network Television. (see our analysis of the Superbowl show in our blog Super Bowl Halftime … Continue reading

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February 13, 2012 – Fallen Idols and Damaged Demigods

When I made the commitment to write a daily blog I thought I would get up each morning and offer a thought, insight or share some links.  And, for the most part I’ve been able to honor that.  Every now … Continue reading

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