January 24, 2012 – Feeling blue from Project Blue Beam

One of the most prevalent and popular conspiracy theories out there is one called Project Blue Beam.  It’s one of those “theories” that is so out there (and I don’t mean outer space) that your rational mind can disregard it with ease.  However, the further away we get from the original message (1994) the more plausible such a theory becomes.  Technology has openly reached a point where realistic holograms (even ones you can touch)are possible.  Advances in HAARP technology, unknown in 1994, make the theory less and less outrageous.  Even world leaders adversarial to the U.S. are claiming that HAARP is being used to create earthquakes and devastating weather patterns.  To make the rest of the theory work we have to decide if there is a cabal of people in the World willing to dupe the masses into a false religious belief to facilitate their desire for a One World Religion.

Read for yourself and you decide.

NASA’s PROJECT BLUE BEAM by Serge Monast (1994)

Just remember, next time you are feeling strangely under the weather or mired in a depression making you feel dark and blue, it could be because something is being projected on you…

Dark outside?  Blue being projected on you?   In that case we are leaving the LIGHTS on!
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