January 17, 2012 – Lost and Fond

Last night on the SyFy network a new series premiered called Lost Girl.  This is not a “new” series in the sense of new except that it is new for American audiences.  It’s already a hit in Canada.  Like it’s BBC counterpart Being Human Lost Girl is another risque’ international hit that the SyFy network is bringing to the fanboy/fangirl $ American market.

The lead character in Lost Girl, Bo, is a fae (or faerie) who lives off of the life force of both men and women which she steals with a kiss.  In other words, she is a succubus with a twist.  In true medieval legend there was a succubus who preyed on men and an incubus who preyed on women.  In the bisexually acceptable society of the New Millennium they now cross and blur the original lines of definition.  But, even though Bo steals the life force (chi) she does it with style, a smile and a kiss so what the heck that’s all right isn’t it?  So what her victims die from this “kiss of death” she leaves them satisfied and smiling.  Or, is that what Hellywood wants you to think?

Whether is True Blood (HBO) and it’s sexually charged vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, vacuum cleaners (just checking to see if you are paying attention.  no sexually active vacuum cleaners…yet) and voodoo priest/priestesses or The Secret Circle‘s hot, well dressed uberwitch teens or the similar but more popular lead in Vampire Diaries or any of the more then 40 other supernatural themed shows (dramatic & reality) the supernatural/paranormal is the hottest theme in Hellywood.

The message to this ma$$ive core audience of teens and young adults is that it’s cool to be dead and loving it, it’s okay to steal someone’s life force (blood or chi) as long as you need it to survive and they let you do it, live forever at any price, good is bad and bad is good and, more importantly there is no God around to stop you.  Even on the CW’s hit Supernatural the mix of heaven, hell, angels, demons and the like has NOTHING to do with the God of the Bible (on Supernatural God is an “absentee landlord”), the angels and demons of most historical reference material.  Whether it is SyFy or the CW creative license includes making God in their own image and amping up the supernatural so that it sells.

Maybe it’s just good business and nothing more that the SyFy and CW promote the stories they do to that audience they target.  Maybe it’s nothing more then supply and demand.  And, maybe not.  In my opinion, the subliminal message to all of this is to be lost (for eternity) and fond of it!

When that time comes, let me know how it works out for you!

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