January 9, 2012 – Claws for Concern

Okay, this will be the second go round on this post.  Spent 90-minutes writing, researching and posting links to match the blog.  When I went to publish it all disappeared in the blink of an eye.  It did not matter that the blog was periodically automatically saving the draft.

POOF!  All gone!

Nope, nothing going on there.  Just a glitch in the system.  A systemic anomaly, as the Architect from The Matrix says.  NOT!

Let’s try this again….sigh.

Since the Tower of Babel the talons of the fallen and their demonic hybrid offspring have been on mad made creations when it serves their purposes.  What purpose is that?  The destruction of those made in the image of God and reclaiming their rule from before The Flood.

From the plains of Shinar in Sumer where the Tower of Babel was built to the science lab the inspiration of the fallen pushes men to defy the rule of the Living God on their behalf.

Pay attention as you watch the news or see a story indicating another “breakthrough” in technology or science.  When you hear the word “breakthrough” remember that it was the Tower of Babel that broke through the clouds, into the heavenlies, that got the attention of the Throne Room!

IBM helped automate Hitler’s holocaust death machine, author reveals

‘Chimeric’ monkey may open door for human cloning

Congress Pushes Biometrics (prelude to the Mark of the Beast?)

Technology Of The Gods

Search for ‘God particle’ Higgs Boson narrowing, scientists say

It’s getting dark out there so we are leaving the LIGHT on!
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