January 6, 2012 – When Two Worlds Collide

(in my best Andy Rooney voice) “Have you ever wondered when you see a mindless killing machine in a movie, like the Terminator, and then read about our own American military working on something similar who inspired who?  I mean, is Hollywood molding the military or is the military molding Hollywood?  Or, is it just plain mold from the dank dungeons of hell?”

When the reality and entertainment collide it’s a lot like when the natural and supernatural worlds collide.  It’s the realization that there is more going on then meets the eye.  The only way to “see” then is with spiritual eyes and to “hear” with spiritual ears.

See what you “see” and hear what there is to “hear” in these following links:

(cue Terminator theme with a hint of The Matrix and The 6 Million Dollar Man in the background)

Future Weapons.

New Pentagon strategy stresses Asia, cyber, drone army.

Army Tracking Plan: Drones That Never Forget a Face.

War Evolves With Drones, Some Tiny as Bugs.

Bug-Like Robotic Drones Becoming More Bug-Like, With Bulging Eyes and Tiny, Sensing Hairs.

DARPA building superhuman exoskeleton for tomorrow’s soldiers.

Raytheon XOS 2: second generation exoskeleton.

Video: Humanoid Robot Petman Works Out

DARPA Wants to Install Transcranial Ultrasonic Mind Control Devices in Soldiers’ Helmets

NOW, just think what these, and other inventions just like, will do in the hands of a soulless, mindless, machine or human slave.  Sound far fetched?  When the movie The Terminator come out back in 1984 who would have thought that in 2012 we are on the doorstep of such a weapon? And, if you believe in prophecy and the End Times who benefits the most from such technology?

Now, do you “see”?

Because it’s getting dark outside we are leaving the LIGHT on!

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