In a dream…

Saturday 5-1-2021

In my dream the Lord was speaking to me and I was writing it down as fast as I could on a tan parchment type paper. I was writing so quickly it was a scribbled mess and illegible. All I remember are the last words “…and then My children will be humble and contrite”.

When I asked Him this morning what He was saying to me in the dream He took me to Isaiah 66:1-6 about hypocrisy and false worship. I asked if judgment was coming on America and He said “on My church”. Then He dropped into my spirit His thoughts.

Our arrogance and lack of humility has done us in. America’s mess right is because of the church. We were called to be light and salt. We have been neither. Darkness abounds because His Light in us is dim. Some do try shine as bright as possible to make up for it and He sees them. Their fervor will be rewarded. But He also sees those who fear man and not Him.

We have lost our humility and awe of Him. We worship for what we can get from Him instead of worshipping Him in spirit and truth. We are regaled by stories from false teachers instead of seeking a pure word. We want but we don’t give. We take and horde. Our vanity is showing and we are not ashamed.

The Gospel is about giving life and love to others. It’s about blessing people from the inside out. He is an inside out God. He sees the heart while we focus on what we can see. He rebuked the Pharisees for being rotten from the inside – white washed tombs with dead men’s bones inside. They looked good on the outside but were rotten to the core. And nothing has changed. Today’s Pharisees are now called Pastors and Preachers.

He is calling for true heartfelt repentance both personally and corporately. He is calling for the church to return to their first love. Seek Him and His righteousness. All those other things you seek will come but will pale in comparison to the intimacy you’ll have with Him. When we can truly say that all we want is Him we will have all that we need.

I know that in that modern church a word like this is despised because it seems harsh. And yet I feel His love as I share it. The love of a concerned parent seeing their children straying and getting lost who desires their return and redemption. He chastises those He loves. And His love for us right now should drive us to our knees as we heed His warning.

Richard J Grund

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