January 13, 2012 – ExScream Makeover

Today’s blog is inspired by a link to an article King Wells posted on Facebook.  The article is about the “new body modification” going on in Japan that essentially turns them into demonic looking freaks, in my opinion.  Why anyone would choose to look like this is beyond me UNLESS you factor in an spiritual source.

For many years now we have seen similar attempts to going beyond the norm into what appears above.  The technique used to make these two girls appear as they do involves the use of a saline solution to create the protrusions and lifts in their skin.  The tattoos and piercings not included.

Then, there are some that make permanent changes to alter their appearance.  The only temporary element in the picture to the left is the bulbous forehead.  The spikes and piercings are his.

This has been going on for years, as I said, and is predominantly a fringe element in society. Or, is it.

The hot topic right now in science is Transhumanism.  Man’s attempt to go beyond their mortal Divinely placed boundaries is nothing new.  We’ve read about it in Greek and Roman mythology where demi-gods were known and accepted.  However, after the rise in Christianity after 33 A.D. the belief in these “gods” dissipated like the weak vapor that it was.  The mythology could not stand up to the Truth and, along with a church casting out the demons promoting this agenda for at least 300-years, the desire to be as gods faded away.

That is, in my opinion, until the doorways (i.e. portals) to the spirits behind this were opened.  In 1918 noted occultist Aleister Crowley deliberately opened a portal, through a ritual known as the Amalantrah Workings to let in an inter-dimensional entity called Lam (Lam is the Tibetan word for Way or Path – nope no mocking going on here).  As you can see from Crowley’s artist rendering of his friend he resembles the alien grey’s that would begin to appear shortly afterward.  You will also see that the people above resemble him as well.  Minus the piercings of course.  Maybe Lam was allergic to metal ;-).  I’ll bet he’s allergic to wood…say a wooden CROSS!

In 1946 this portal was reopened, and possibly left open, by Jack Parson and L. Ron Hubbard (yes, THAT L. Ron Hubbard) when their did their own ritual, the Babylon Working, Together they “endeavoured to … incarnate a physical aspect of Babylon, the Scarlet Woman of the Book of Revelations (17:3-6).  They believed that Babylon was the herald of the new Age of Horus, and that Revelations was the understandably negative interpretation by those of the dying Age of Osiris.”

Is it an accident that within the next two years we would see an influx of UFO and Alien activity with the emergence of the lama-dama-ding-dong Lam-like greys?  (phew, try to say that fast three times…no, don’t do that…who knows what will happen ).  And, since then the quest for an ExScream Makeover to become “like God” would go back into overdrive to take us where we are in 2012.

Is that an accident?

I think not!

That’s why we are leaving the LIGHT on – it’s getting dark out there (and something is in the shadows)!

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2 Responses to January 13, 2012 – ExScream Makeover

  1. Excellent article, but what a sick trend indeed!

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