The Beacon is on!

Welcome to the blog for SRT, the Supernatural Response Team.

Here we will comment on the supernatural events and topics shaping your life.

Every day we see prophecy revealing itself for examination.

Every day we more and more paranormal/supernatural occurrences that cannot be explained by science or logic.

Every day we see an event on the news that indicates and otherworldly hand is involved.  Some are Divinely inspired and others are inspired by the fallen ones who live in the darkness & shadows.

That’s why The Beacon’s Glare is here to shine the spotlight of truth into that darkness, into those shadows to reveal what is hiding in there.  This blog is directly connected to the online radio show currently hosted at called Reflections In The Dark, Sunday 7 pm Eastern.

What do you after that is on you.  All that we can do is warn when warning is needed and sometimes SRT will engage that enemy on behalf of the The King to protect the innocent.  More often then not, the choice and outcome is in your hands.

Choose wisely!

Richard J Grund, Director & Team Leader
SRT, the Supernatural Response Team

About The Beacon's Glare

Sharing information and inspiration from all areas. Natural to Supernatural. Media to Ministry. And, all areas in between.
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1 Response to The Beacon is on!

  1. kelli says:

    bohemian grove is only one part of the scum crowd’s crimes, they are manufacturing trains with guillotines and shackles to prepare for martial law to come pounding on our doors at 4:00 in the morning and they already have china in montana to be the ones to attack us as the military would not kill us so china will and the military wont save us they are over in iraq. this is another reason they want to take our guns away. they plan to torure people and kill the old and disabled the young will be concentration camp slaves they took out militia groups who used to by law be able to protect , look up educate yourself and you will be shocked. hope there is a secret group to take them out b4 they take us out. i pray someone can save us but it looks bad. now they want to take out iran but iran sees and ama is no dummy and doesnt want to perish like libya and iraq. im so hopeless and sad we all must pray together for divine intervention.

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