An apple day doesn’t keep Bigfoot away

In fact, it attracts Bigfoot according to this New York Daily News story

A Vermont man insists he spotted Bigfoot in his backyard – and he says he’s  got video to prove it.

Frank Siecienski of Hubbarton first thought that it was only a deer ravaging  the apple orchard that stands on his property last year.

“I pointed it out to my wife and she says ‘oh God,’ the deer must have been  hungry,” he told WCAX-TV  this April. “And I said no, a deer couldn’t have eaten that many apples in  one night.”

So the self-described Sasquatch researcher set up a camera to keep watch of  what was going on outside.

The footage, he claims, shows Bigfoot and its young scaring away a  coyote.

“They’re very mysterious animals and they’re a night creature and they are  very intelligent,” Siecienski told ABC 22. “I  just hope he comes back.”

The Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife, however, says the man’s claims  are a hoot and the creature spotted is probably just an owl.

Paul Bartholomew, a Bigfoot researcher, says Sasquatch sightings in New  England are nothing new.

“It’s a global phenomena and it’s here in our own backyards,” the Whitehall,  N.Y., resident told WCAX.

Bartholomew said the descriptions of Bigfoot are often the same.

“Red glowing eyes, about 7 feet tall, making a sound like a pig squealing or  a woman screaming and walking like a man but looking more like a gorilla,” he  explained.

The majority of Bigfoot sightings are reported in the Pacific Northwest.

The creatures are believed to stand as much as 10 feet tall and weigh up to  500 pounds.

Video FOX44 – Burlington / Plattsburgh News, Weather

I don’t know about you but that creature pictured in the snow (above) doesn’t look like an owl.  An owl on sterioids maybe but a regular owl no.  But then again I am sure wildlife officials are more likely to believe in mutant owls then Bigfoot.

I don’t know what is the bigger story – an apple loving Bigfoot sighting in Vermont or the newscoverage from Fox44 and the NY DailyNews.

If Bigfoot sightings are your thing you can go to this site and stay up to date.

Bigfoot or not, it’s not an owl and best to leave the LIGHTS on!

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