July 5, 2012 – Facing facts

‘I’m a eat you’: Crazed naked man high on bath salts threatens to eat police officers as they try to arrest him on golf course
A ‘zombie cannibal’ was tasered by police after he charged at them wielding a golf club.
Karl Laventure, 21, was believed to be high on bath salts when he tried to attack the officers in Lilburn, Georgia.

And after they had managed to subdue him he began  threatening to eat them.

Police said that it took several officers to subdue the man who had ‘super-human strength’.

At first, they tried using pepper spray to stop him, but that left him undeterred.

‘He didn’t even wipe his eyes, he just kept them open,’ Mr Hancock said of the pepper spray. They then turned to their Tasers and though that momentarily shocked Laventure to the ground, it did not stop him.

‘He was still talking gibberish, still cussing, still saying he wanted to eat us, eat other people,’ Mr Hancock added.   The video shows him talking about the deceased rappers Biggie and Tupac, making animal sounds, and continuing to threaten the police officers.

Okay, he is pepper sprayed but doesn’t even wipe his eyes.  Tasers didn’t stop him.  It took numerous police officers to get him to the ground.  He’s making animal sounds while talking about eating their faces.  Hmmm….and they want us to believe “bath salts” did this.


Chinese ‘cannibal’ attack caught on camera as drunk bus driver leaps on woman and chews on her face
The recent terrifying spate of ‘cannibal attacks’ seems to have spread to China, as a drunk bus driver was caught on camera gnawing at a woman’s face in a horrific random attack.

The unfortunate woman will apparently require plastic surgery to repair the damage done by her crazed attacker.

According to local news reports, the driver, named Dong, had been drinking heavily during lunch with his friends before the outburst on Tuesday.

He then ran on to the road in the city of Wenzhou, in south-east China, and stood in front of the car being driven by a woman named Du, stopping her from moving.


All right, at least they didn’t use the “bath salts” excuse but now it’s prolonged alcohol consumption that prompted his desire to eat someone’s face.  Why no “bath salts”?  Most likely because they are no an international product as yet.  Can’t make that story fly internationally.

What’s more amazing is that stories of naked people with superhuman strength are popping up everywhere.


Incredible video shows rampaging naked man escape three police officers with ninja moves while he is continuously tasered

A rampaging naked man used ‘ninja-style’ moves to repeatedly escape being pinned down by three police officers – even after they tasered him.

The man, who appears to be under the influence of drugs, is dragged up by the officers who are desperately trying to detain him.

The onlooker capturing it all on camera cannot believe what he is witnessing and narrates: ‘This guy is like a ninja! Holy crap!

‘No way! That guy’s strong, he’s got to be on something.’


Nude carjacker hurts 7 in brutal rampage: ‘Drug-addled’ man shuts down town as he flips Porsche and breaks both legs of pregnant woman

A rampaging naked car-jacker wearing only his socks ran amok in Scottsdale, Arizona today, causing two terrific car collisions that injured seven people and shut down most of the city’s roads during rush hour.

Witness photos of the destruction caused by the man show him standing triumphantly on top a SUV while debris from the smash litters the roadside.

The first car crash was reported to the police at 1.30 p.m. after which the man is said to have left his vehicle, stripped naked and car-jacked a Toyota Prius, pulling the female passenger from the car.
Minutes later, the man had motored to Shea Boulevard, near to 90th St in Scottsdale where he collided with four other vehicles, causing one of the drivers to suffer a serious injury.

By now, the man was causing panic as he exited the now totaled Toyota Prius and attempted to carjack another two vehicles before police officers arrived and arrested him.

Mark Clark, a spokesman for Scottsdale police said that the man’s erratic beahviour suggests that he may have taken drugs.
Witnesses to the first serious crash at Hayden and Via De Ventura, where three people were injured, said that the man’s car crashed into a Porsche, which caused the sports car to crash into another vehicle.

Exiting his car, the man began singing and chanting while he removed his clothes, ran up to a Prius, pulled the woman from the car and sped off.

It’s time to face facts – this has nothing to do with bath salts or drugs.  Oh, they might be involved somehow, although that has yet to be proven.  What proven is that these people exhibit super human strength & abilities (as noted by Miami cannibal seen swinging from light pole before attack ), a predilection for removing their clothes either as a relief or a ritual, and the end result of bizarre violence – mostly of the face eating kind.

We are seeing these events increase in activity, severity and location.  Forgotten in all of this is the FACT that there were no bath salts, or any other street drugs, inside the body of the first “zombie” attacker in Miami.

There is only two other possible answers to these events.  One: someone or something is manipulating them either by sound or EMF into their brains.  Or, two, this is demonic possession.  If it’s number 1 then these are test runs to see how the device works and will anyone detect it.  If it’s number 2…..the Days of Noah are upon us.

which begs the question – what did the CDC, who made Zombie Apocalypse 101 manuals in May of 2012, know and when did they know it.

Either way, I suggest you watch and pray!

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