April 26, 2012 – Aliens in the News

Of course, in an election year, one could think “why is SRT writing a blog about illegal aliens?”

We’re not.

These aliens, while most likely not citizens of any country, are not even of this reality.

These aliens are considered to be extraterrestrial ((from the Latin words: extra [“beyond”, or “not of”] and‎ terrestris [“of or belonging to Earth”]) we believe they are actually inter-dimensional (i.e. fallen angels or demonic spirits or both).

Even Anderson Cooper is talking about “aliens”.

Are These Stone Carvings Proof Ancient Aztecs Met Aliens, April 2012 (Video)

WikiLeaks’ UFO Cables: More About Raelian Cult Than Alien Life

WikiLeaks’ UFO-related material, Assange says, largely deals with the UFO cult group known as the Raelians, whose beliefs mix religion, sex, pseudo-science and alien mythology.  (Remember, this is being reported on Forbes.com no less)

And for those who can’t get enough – all UFOs all the time!

So, what’s the deal here?  Is it the media supply and demand scenario – “we report what people want to hear and see“.

Or, is it media manipulation/propaganda – “we report what we want you to hear and see“?

It’s amazing how we went from 1962 and the TV show The Twilight Zone – To Serve Man –


As the episode opens, Michael Chambers is seen lying uncomfortably on a cot in a spartan interior. A voice implores him to eat. He refuses. He asks what time it is on Earth, and begins to tell the story of how he came to be here (aboard a spaceship) in flashback:

The Kanamits, a race of nine-foot-tall aliens, land on Earth. One of them addresses the United Nations, vowing that his race’s motive in coming to Earth is solely to be helpful to humanity. Initially wary of the intentions of an alien race who came “quite uninvited,” even skeptical international leaders begin to be persuaded of the aliens’ benevolence when the Kanamits share their advanced technology, quickly putting an end to many of Earth’s greatest woes, including hunger; energy becomes very cheap; nuclear weapons are rendered harmless. The aliens even morph deserts into big, blooming fields. Trust in the Kanamits seems to be justified when Patty, one of a staff of US government cryptographers led by Mr. Chambers, cracks the title of a Kanamit book the spokesman left behind at the UN. Its title, she reveals, is To Serve Man.

Soon, humans are volunteering for trips to the Kanamits’ home planet, which is portrayed as a paradise. With the Cold War ended, the code-breaking staff has no real work to do, but Patty is still trying to work out the meaning of the text of To Serve Man.

The day arrives for Mr. Chambers’s excursion to the Kanamits’ planet. Just as he mounts the spaceship’s boarding stairs, his staffer Patty appears. He waves, smiling, but she runs toward him in great agitation—and is held back by a Kanamit guard. “Mr. Chambers,” Patty cries, “don’t get on that ship! The rest of the book To Serve Man, it’s… it’s a cookbook!” Chambers tries to run back down the spaceship’s stairs, but a Kanamit wrestles him into the ship, and it immediately takes off for the aliens’ home planet.

Mr. Chambers is once again seen aboard the Kanamit spaceship, now saying to the audience, “How about you? You still on Earth, or on the ship with me? Really doesn’t make very much difference, because sooner or later, we’ll all be on the menu…all of us.” The episode closes as he gives in and breaks his hunger strike; as Chambers tears at his food, Rod Serling (who wrote the episode) provides a darkly humorous coda in voice-over, noting man’s devolution from “dust to dessert” and from ruler of a planet to “an ingredient in someone’s soup.” (emphasis added)

To this –

2012 – To the million$ being spent by the History Channel since 2010 on Ancient Aliens to get millions of viewers to believe the “Alien Gospel” – angels were aliens, Jesus was an alien, God is an alien, aliens make us, aliens made everything (except spam – that was a biological accident).

And prove how reliable and grounded this series is, let’s take a look at the consulting producer and commentator Giorgio A. Tsoukalos.

He is the publisher of the magazine Legendary Times, a publication with articles from Erich von Däniken (Chariots of the Gods?), David Hatcher Childress, Peter Fiebag, Robert Bauval, and Luc Bürgin, on the topic of ancient astronauts.

Tsoukalos has been the director of Erich von Däniken‘s Center for Ancient Astronaut Research for over 12 years, and has appeared on The Travel Channel, The History Channel, the Sci-Fi Channel, the National Geographic Channel, as well as Coast to Coast AM, and is a consulting producer of the television series Ancient Aliens. (From Wikipedia)

Then there is the Ridley Scott movie Prometheus. (They went looking for our beginning. What they found could be our end.) hint hint…

Nope, no agenda here!

The battle is on for your mind and then for your soul.

Whose report will you believe?

Leaving the LIGHT on to help you figure it out!
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One Response to April 26, 2012 – Aliens in the News

  1. Tony Wray says:

    Stan Deyo presents a solid presentation on this topic. The latest version of his book Cosmic Conspiracy presents an informative translation of parts of the book of Daniel

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