April 11, 2012 – Is your Cell Phone selling you out?

For many years Bible believing Christians have been afraid of the “mark of the beast”.

First of all, there is nothing to fear because nothing happens unless it’s allowed by God.

Since mankind has chosen the fallen angels over Him since Genesis 3.  Only those who have broken ties with the fallen world system can say they have NO FEAR.  The rest think they have no fear but will KNOW FEAR when their hearts fail them from what is coming on the earth!

HOWEVER, in the other hand is a cell phone.

New Microchip Knows Your Location To Within Centimeters

“Broadcom has just rolled out a chip for smart phones that promises to indicate location ultra-precisely, possibly within a few centimeters, vertically and horizontally, indoors and out,” reports MIT Technology Review.

It used to be the best that could be done was to ping your cell phone and find the nearest tower your phone used.  That would give a wide circular area of probability for your location.

A few centimeters is an inch in proximity.

2 cm = 0.787401 “

3 cm = 1.18110 “

Confirmed: iPhone and iPad secretly track and store your location

Using Mobile Phone User Location Data for ‘Crowd (Soft) Control’

Eavesdropping Antennas Can Steal Your Smart Phone’s Secrets

Hold on, am using my iPhone to turn that LIGHT on…just kidding…for now….
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